Impact recorder for transformers

by admin on June 3, 2014

Transporting transformerTransformer can be damaged in many ways from vibration or shocks. When transformers are transported from one site to another site they might be subjected to shocks. If the intensity of a shock is more than the tolerance limit, damage may occur. In case of transformer even from a minor damage dangerous situation may arise. So we must have some measures to monitor and analyze the shocks. The best way is using impact recorder for transformers.

Impact recorder for transformer is the type of instrument that can log shock value; it also records the time when the shock occurs. Usually transformers are not easily damaged and are reliable. But as we described above if faults occur for example in case of a power transformer, there might be catastrophic result. During transporting transformer we should be careful so that the shock is not more than the “g” levels that have been suggested. But if the intensity of the shock is over that level, following kinds of damages may occur. Now we are going to mention the ways a transformer might be damaged during transportation:

  • Faults may arise from the windings or core being displaced due to shock; also the windings or core might be distorted.
  • The insulation between the turns might be damaged; as a result a short circuit may occur during operation.
  • The windings should have a minimum clamping pressure but due to shocks the clamping pressure may become loose and as a result windings may get collapsed in case of an electric fault.
  • There should be a minimum clearance between the tank and the active part but due to excessive shock it may be compromised.

Impact recorder for transformers can be useful in the following ways:

  • Due to shocks there may be Concealed Damage and this may cause warranty failure. If impact recorders are used the shocks can be determined.
  • The time of impact of the shock that have caused damage can be determined by impact recorders; modern impact recorders allow you to even record the location and also you can monitor the data from a remote place. So you can reduce the warranty claims.
  • You can use the data that was collected by the impact recorders for transformers over time and use that data to improve the design of the transformers so that they are less fragile.
  • In some situations you might have to do expensive tests such as FRA tests, but with impact recorders you can do the first line of tests so that you can decide if such an expansive test is really necessary.

So impact recorder for transformers has many advantages. An impact recorder has no moving parts that can break; accuracy usually within +/- 2%. You can easily understand and analyze the event data. An impact recorder usually can be used many times and has long life.

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